Target Shopping 101

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Target Shopping 101
This is just my favorite store to talk and teach about.  Couponing at Target is actually a lot of fun and not at all complicated.

Target Coupons is a great resource for coupons.  Many of the coupons they offer are Target Store Coupons.  What does this mean?  It means that they can be stacked with a Manufacturer coupon for extra savings.  For example: Electrasol Tabs 12pk - $2.49 – a $1.50 Electrasol Target Coupon and – a $1/1 Manufacturer Coupon, you can use these together giving you $2.50 off and giving you a free item. 

Target Mobile Coupons – You can register your cell phone HERE to receive weekly text messages that contain coupons.  When you are checking out you just open the text and show it to the cashier and they can scan your phone’s screen.  You can use these coupons in conjunction with paper coupons.

Target’s Coupon Policy HERE and Price Matching Policy HERE, you will want to print these and take them with you.

Every week Target run’s Gift Card Promotions.  To get the gift card you have to purchase certain products.  The register will prompt the cashier at check out to give you the card.  You can ideally “Roll” these gift cards keeping your Out Of Pocket total lower.  When you can stack coupons and get the gift card back you are most likely walking out with an excellent deal.

When checking out you will want to hand your coupons over in 2 stacks, hand over the Manufacturer Coupon first and then the Target Coupon, this cuts down on the beeping and other coupon issues.
It’s just that simple. does sometime have manufacturer coupons on their website.  You can tell the difference by looking at the top of the coupon to the left of the expiration date. It will state which kind of coupon it is. Even if a manufacturer coupon has a Target Logo on it, it is still a manufacturer coupon and cannot be stacked.